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In enology, fact is merely what enough people believe, and truth lies only in how fervently they believe it.

Basic and applied research takes on an important role in the business activity of Schneider-Oenologie. It is based on experimental work under lab and industrial conditions in different wineries and various countries of the world, adequate analytical equipment, and the ongoing appraisal of the scientific and technical literature published around the globe. Its purpose is the continuous optimization of the various production steps, the differentiation between wine styles and origins, and an outstanding post bottling shelf life and flavor stability.

Schneider-Oenologie stands for independent and impartial research. Independent because it is conducted free from any economic, political, or cultural constraints. It is funded exclusively by own means. Third-party sponsoring is excluded. As a consequence, results and presentations are absolutely devoid of any kind of lobbying. They serve solely to finding the truth, to advance enological knowledge, and to be a guidance to winemakers. The results strongly shape our consulting services.

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Schneider – Oenologie

Volker Schneider
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What I am able to master:
Wine, sciences, and that's
essentially all.

What I am most certainly not
proficient in:

Esoterism, talking, and diplomacy.