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Schneider Oenologie


Book Presentations

Volker Schneider & Mark Tracey
Cool-climate White Wine Oenology (160 pages)
The Crowood Press Ltd., Ramsbury, UK
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  • The concept of physiological ripeness
  • Methods and pitfalls of acidity management
  • The importance of juice clarification
  • Oxygen in wine vs. juice
  • Requirements for smooth fermentations
  • Ways to non-interventionist winemaking
  • Measures to optimise shelf life and flavour stability
  • The benefits of post-fermentation yeast lees
  • Sensory fine-tuning before bottling
  • Which types of analyses are really important
Red Wine Enology Volker Schneider & Mark Tracey
Red Wine Enology
Advanced winemaking strategies for fine red wines.
Tannin and redox management of red wines (307 pages).
Board & Bench Publishing, 1st edition, San Francisco 2021.
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  • Phenolic make-up of red grapes and wines
  • Measurement of total phenols, tannins, and anthocyanins in routine quality control
  • Extraction methods of phenols in red winemaking
  • Astringency and other tannin mouthfeel properties
  • Oxygen consumption and sensory results
  • Means of oxygen supply
  • Barrel aging
  • Oak alternatives
  • Preparing red wine for bottling


Volker Schneider & Sarah Troxell
Acidity Management in Musts and Wines
Acidification, deacidification, and crystal stabilization (158 pages).
Board & Bench Publishing, 2nd edition, San Francisco 2022.
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  • Chemical and sensory basics
  • Acidification with tartaric and other acids
  • Enological differenciation and sensory impact of wine potassium levels
  • Deacidification with potassium carbonates and its wine-dependent efficiency
  • Deacidification with calcium carbonate including double-salting
  • Implementation of bench scale trials
  • Interaction between sourness, astringency, and body in red wines
  • Chemical vs. biological deacidification


Volker Schneider
White Wine Enology
Advanced Winemaking Strategies for Fine White Wines.
Optimizing Shelf Life and Flavor Stability of Unoaked White Wines (242 pages).
Board & Bench Publishing, 1st edition, San Francisco 2019.
To be ordered via bookstores.

  • The various kinds of aging, sensory and chemical basics
  • Typical and oxidative aging
  • Influence of grape and juice processing
  • Effect of reducing agents
  • Impact of oxygen uptake and winery operations.
  • Impact of storage temperature and bottle closures.
  • Reductive aging and post-bottling reduction flavor
  • Atypical aging
  • Petrol flavor

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