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Volker Schneider
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55413 Weiler bei Bingen


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Volker Schneider & Sarah Troxell

Acidity Management in Musts and Wines

Acidification, deacidification, and crystal stabilization (129 pages)

Board and Bench Publishing, 1st edition, San Francisco 2018.

Available at and


  • Chemical and sensory basics
  • Acidification with tartaric and other acids
  • Enological differenciation and sensory impact of wine potassium levels
  • Deacidification with potassium carbonates and its wine-dependent efficiency
  • Deacidification with calcium carbonate including double-salting
  • Implementation of bench scale trials
  • Interaction between sourness, astringency, and body in red wines
  • Chemical vs. biological deacidification




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